Hull Extensions at Galvez Yachts USA

The majority of boats or yachts are mass produce. A designer or designers work on a design to target specific consumers segment in the boating industry, EX cruising, fishing, sailing etc. For the most part this approach works well.

Boating unlike other hobbies, which remain a pass time, has the characteristic of transforming in a passion very quickly. After owning a boat for a short while we realize that we need to make a few or many changes in the craft to fit our specifics needs, boating preference or life style. Should you buy a bigger boat ? You could but the answer is no. After few short weeks you will be facing the same dilemma.

Galvez Yachts specializes in custom boat fabrication. We perform all the necessary alterations to suit your needs including hull and cabin extensions without sacrificing the structural integrity of the vessel. All our work is guarantee for as long you own the vessel.

We gladly provide reference upon request.


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